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  1. Valedictorian speech

    December 16, 2015 by ayla2012

    Good evening families, teachers and fellow graduates.

    Here we are today, 7 years have passed by and today we are here! One of the greatest achievements of our life. Graduating from Moonee Ponds to high school is very exciting for me. But at the same time very scary, but I am looking forward to my new school and also making new friends

    Along this journey I have met lots of amazing friends and had lots of support and love from my loving family. Where can I start?  I was in prep b.  When I started school at Moonee ponds Central school in 2009. In prep I can remember being a shy little girl walking into school the first time feeling really nerves because I didn’t know anyone.

    I can’t believe that 7 years have passed by , walking into class for the first time, learnt basic maths in  prep,  attending the first school concert in year  1. I have learning so many important skills going on camp. This year camp I have enjoyed spending time with my friends and the activity. Over the camps I been on I’ve learned so much such as this year camp I learnt how to surf for the first time.  This year’ camp I won the best camper which was felt awesome.


    As a person I’ve grown over the years.  Along the journey I have made heaps of new friendships.

    Moonee Ponds has been full with lots of great and embarrassing moments. Next will be a lot different. You won’t see the same faces anymore. Next year will be a new journey. It may be a bit scary but I am still excited to change from the senior in primary school to a junior again surrounded by huge kids. Next year I will  to keep the values Moonee Ponds Primary school has taught me- respect, optimism, care and collaboration. It has been an honour to be a part of this school.

  2. Scientific Lab Report

    December 16, 2015 by ayla2012

    *Scientific Lab Report*

    By Fidelya, Daphne and Ayla


    To explore what happens when you use a 5c coin, a paper clip, wire, a steel pin and a metal ruler as conducters to light up a light bulb.

    Hypothesis/ prediction:

    What happens when you use a 5 cent coin, a paper clip , wire , a steel pin and a metal ruler as conducters to light up a light bulb.

    I predict that the light is will be dim because of the conducters.



    • 5 cent coin
    • Paper clip
    • Wire
    • Steel pin
    • A metal ruler
    • A battery box
    • A light bulb
    • Alligator clips


    1. First get your battery box and plug it in.
    2. Then grab your materials and test them out individually and record your results on a table.
    3. First connect the metal ruler to the battery box with a wire and alligator clips.
    4. Keep connecting all the materials until you have none left but the light bulb must be at the end.
    5. Turn battery box on and record results.
    6. Observations:



    Materials Dim/bright description
    5 cent coin Bright/ Dark Dark and bright
    Paper clip Bright Bright and hot
    Wire Bright Warm and yellow
    Steel Pin Bright A bit bright
    Metal Ruler Dim/bright Dim, dark and orange
    All objects together Bright Bright and yellow


    When we tested all the materials separately they all lit up, the brightest one was the paper clip. The dimmest one was the 5 cent coin. We think the 5 cent coin was the dimmest because it is not all made out of metal it has copper in it. When we tested all of the materials all together it was the brightest of all the materials by them self’s.




    Why is metal a good conduct of electricity?

    Metals are good conductors of electricity, because they have free electrons. The free electrons act as charge carriers in the metal structure, allowing electric current to flow through the metal.

    In our group we observed what happens when we use 5 different objects made out of metal light up a light bulb according to what type of metal. With our 5 different objects we tested the objects individually and then we recorded the results in a table. All the items lit up the light. They all lit up because they were all made out of metal. Metals are good conductors of electricity, because they have free electrons. The free electrons act as charge carriers in the metal structure, allowing electric current to flow through the metal.


    Our aim was to explore what happens when you use a 5c coin, a paper clip, wire, a steel pin and a metal ruler as conductors to light up a light bulb. Our hypothesis was I predict that the light is will be dim because of the conductors. It was disproved because all the conductors put together made it very bright.

    We found out that metal is a good conductor of electricity because there are free electrons that act as charge carriers in the metal structure, allowing electric current to flow through the piece of metal.

    Our experiment went good I wouldn’t change much about it except I would like to try it out with different and more conductors. I would like to test out other conductors such as water or damp wood etc.

  3. 100 word challenge #13

    December 15, 2015 by ayla2012

    I paced myself to the way of the car. The next minute. I was shaking as i felt. I wanted to just scream and cry. I slowly falling. the cold had got right into my bones when i felt. I bolted to mum. “MUM” I yelled. Mum face went red. “Are you okay honey” Mum said sweetly. “I’m okay but its burning” i said. Until i snapped back into reality. Today was my first day at my new school and i was going to look like this. Can this day get any worst? I really wanted to sleep the whole day.

  4. Scientific Lab Report powerpoint

    December 11, 2015 by ayla2012

    Our science lab report powerpoint is on the link below.

    Science Lab Report-Fidelya and Daphne

  5. Short story: The country

    December 10, 2015 by ayla2012

    One day, on a spring morning I could hear a whisper. Love is powerful, but smiling is too. EW it’s pealing in rain. Living in the big city was great. Living in the big city was absolutely great. But if you think the city is drama free you’re 100% wrong.

    Two days before the big move, living in the big city was perfect. But then Dad told us we were moving to the country because he got a new job. Everything was left behind, like our house, our memories, and our friendships. Why would we move? Life in the city was great. Leaving my friends was the toughest. I will forever miss them. We said our goodbyes.

    First day at the new house and it was the ugliest house in the world! EW it was a farm. I will forever miss the city. “Don’t you just love this place” Mum said. “I love it mum” I mumbled grumpily. But I was feeling a bit excited to see my new room. Maybe this can be the start of a new adventure. I walked up the crusty wooden stairs, smashed opened the dark wooden door, and my eyes fell to the ground. It was a small room the size of our old bathroom, which was tiny. It was painted in oldest pink and was full of spider webs. Maybe this room needs a makeover. The creaky door flew opened. The butterflies were flying in side of me. Lucky it was just mum. ‘’Do you like your room honey?” Mum asked kindly. “I love it” I mumbled. ”Cool” mum replied. As she closed the creaky wooden door.

    Let’s go and check out this place. Wind blowing, dark blue skies, the bright light bulb, the pretty trees. I felt a soft tap on the shoulder. “AHH” I screamed. “It’s okay it just me, oops let me introduce myself. Hello my name is Alana, I’m 12 years old, I hear you’re new to our neighbour. Anyway what’s your name?” the shy girl muttered. “Hello my name is Gigi and I’m 12 years old too, I moved here from the city”. “Do you want to check out this place together” Alana said happily. Then she handed me a list of landmarks at this place like the farmyard. “How do you know so much about this place” I questioned. “My best friend used to live here” she said. ‘’What happened to her or him” I asked. “Her name was Meghan she moved to the city” She muttered. We only got time to go to the barnyard. “This is Molly the cow, she is the only animal left in the farm” Alana said. “I have to go” Alana said “bye” she said. ‘’Bye”. I checked the time on my phone oh my gosh its 8.00 pm.

    Today was my first day at my new school, how exciting. Mum dropped me off at the gate. “Bye honey, have a great day at your new school love you” Mum said. “Bye love you too and thanks” I said. I was in class 5/6 A. The butterflies were flying inside of me; I started feeling sick, and also very nervous. “Good morning class, today we have a new student” the teacher said happily. “Hello my name is Gigi I’m 12, I moved here from Melbourne and I like puppies” I said happily. “Hello Gigi, my name is Mrs Rose” she said sweetly. She putted  me next to shy and quiet girl. “Hello, I’m Gigi” I said quietly. She looked really scared. “Hello Gigi, my name is Aria” she said quietly, I could barely hear her. “Aria has only been here for 2 weeks, she moved here from England by the way my name is Emily” she blurted. “Ok” I replied.

    She seems nice. Today in class we had been given quotes to read to the class. My quote was ‘don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened’ Dr Seuss. I really liked my quote I got. The quote was so true. “Gigi, may we listen to your quote” Mrs Rose said kindly. I was feeling very nervous; I really don’t want to read. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened, Dr Seuss” I said worriedly. I was feeling so embarrassed.

    My first day of school was terrible.  To top it off, Dad told us he got fired from this new job. Tears filled up my eyes. The only good thing is, its Friday. Mum told me that we have to start growing food. Also we have no money coming in and also we no money to buy anything. Molly was our only hope. Lucky mum brought vegetables to grow like potatoes, carrots, lettuces, and tomatoes. I patted my bare hands on the soil to plant the tomatoes. OUCH. “What taking you so long to grow one vegetable and I’ve already finished” Mum giggled. “I HATE GARDENING THAT’S WHY” I shouted angrily. It’s probably going to take weeks to grow and we haven’t got the time.

    We only had a week until the town markets which was next weekend. The doorbell rang. I pushed myself to answer it. I couldn’t believe who it was. It was Aria. “Hi Gigi” she said happily in her sweet English accented. “Hi Aria, what are you doing here” I said sweetly. “I heard you are entering the town market next Saturday and also I was wondering if you need help growing food to sell at the market” she said kindly.

    “That’s sounds great you can help us and thank you heaps Aria” I lied. “Do you want to plant some seeds” She muttered quietly. ”No there yours” I said. “It’s okay l always keep spares in my pocket” Aria said nicely. “Let’s go”. She putted watermelon seeds, apple seeds, bananas and strawberries seeds in my bare hands. “Thank you so much” I said happily. After we planted all the seeds it was time for Aria to go home.  We had so much fun.

    Every morning myself and mum were going to water the plants. I started to panic what if they don’t grow in time. The local town newspaper arrived today. My eyes dropped. ALL FOODS THAT ARE BEING ENTERED TO BE SOLD AT MARKETS MUST BE IN BY THIS FRIDAY. Can this get any worst? I texted Aria and Emily to come over now.

    The doorbell rang. I forced myself to open the door. They both arrived yay. “GIGI” they both said happily. “Hi Aria and Emily” I said happily. They both basically ignored me and started stating at me. “Let’s go and water these plants” Emilia said in funny voice. After 3 hours of fun it was time for Aria and Emily to go home. “Bye “I said as I was giving them both hugs.  We said are goodbyes. What a great day

    Three days later. I woke up with a spinning head, I felt sick. I could hear the morning breeze blowing in my face. I looked out my window and noticed how big the plants have grown so quickly in 5 days.  I grabbed my phone and tapped it open. My eyes melted. ITS ALREADY 12.00 pm and mum and dad still haven’t woken me up. It’s already Wednesday, that’s means I only have today and Thursday to enter. I was even more stressed than usual.

    My plan for today was I was going to go the local liberty to send in my entire for the markets this weekend. I couldn’t do it at home because we don’t have a computer so I asked mum if I could go to the local liberty. Her answer was yes of course. “myself and your  father will be visiting the neighbors today” Mum said. I smashed the creaky wooden door close.

    Then threw myself on my bike. The liberty was packed with people. I just needed a computer. All the computer were being used so I had to wait a few minutes. Until this wonderful lady gave me hers. “Thankyou” I said happily. How nice is she. “No problem” she said as she went through a herd of people. This place was like a jungle full of crazy monkeys. I can’t wait to tell mum and dad the great news. The door bang open.

    Mum and Dad were holding bags full of fresh fruit and veggies. “I HAVE GREAT NEWS” I said with a huge smile on my face. “What’s the great’s news honey” Mum said happily.“I got a spot for us at the markets this Saturday and also we are selling fruits and veggies” I said happily. “Thank you so much that was exactly what we needed, we love you so much” Dad said happily. “We are very proud of you” Mum said happily. I could see the tears coming out of mum eyes.

    Okay  you know when people say stress less in my case it means stress more. I got a text from Alana saying “meet me at the local liberty at 11.50 am”. Everything was slowly getting better. After I ate all my breakfast. I persuaded mum and dad to let me go to the local liberty again. It was pretty easy to persuade mum and dad. By time I got there it was already 11.50am just on time.

    I wondered what she wanted. Is she angry at me? Until I notice her waving her arms at me. “Hi Gigi, I was wondering if you wanted to help me and my Grandma sell cakes and other sweets at the markets this Saturday” Alana asked kindly. I didn’t know what to say. She gave me a graceful smile. I started to panic. “I’m sorry I can’t do it” I said. “It’s okay, I can get someone else to help” Alana said sadly with a sad face. I felt so bad. “I can do it” I said happily. We gave each other high fives.

    Life was going so well for me. Today was the final day for the entries for this Saturday. Lucky mine has been already sent. Until I tapped my phone and I decided to check my emails. I was so excited, I got an email from the local newspaper saying “Dear Gigi your entire has been ejects. Why me?  On the website it said entries have been closed.  Now life for me was taking the long way. Now I was only counting on Alana who was selling sweets and cakes with her grandma. I have already come up with a great plan to get my entire in.  I was planning to go to the local newspaper and send in my entire there.

    On the trip to the local newspaper I could hear a sound. OH MY GOSH IT WAS BANK UP OF CARS. I tried riding as fast as I can. I was on the bike line. By the time I got there I looked like a bird nest. It’s noway they are going to take me seriously. I patted down my hair to make it look half decent. The lady at the front desk gave me a dirty look “Do you need any help” She said rudely giving me a fake smile. “I was wondering if I could redo my entire here because it got rejected” i said. “No sorry and I can go and ask the editor in chief” she said sweetly like nothing happened. “This is our editor Elisabeth” she said as she introduced me to her. ”Hello darling of course you can redo your entire for this Saturday” She said sweetly as she took me over to her office. The lady at the front desk was rolling her eyes like bowling ball. She handed me the form. I filled the form and handed it into her hands. “Nice to meet you darling can’t wait for tomorrow” she said sweetly giving me thumbs up.

    I decided to check my messages. Until I saw a message from Alana saying ‘Hi Gigi , I was wondering if you could help me and my Grandma set up for tomorrow’. The time the message was sent at 10.00am which was 6 hours ago. Now there was no point of going. I texted Alana that I was sorry. Later on I got a reply saying ‘It’s okay. It was 3.00 pm so I oftener to help mum harvest the plants. I softly took off the fruit of the tree by the time I was finish with the one plant. Mum was holding a bag full of fruit and veggies. It took me one hour to do one. It was getting late so mum had to start making dinner. One hour later. Dinner was salad again. I hate salad but I ate it anyway. The dinner table was quiet tonight. No one spoke. After I finished my meal. “Time for you to go to bed” Dad said.

    YAY! Today was the most specialist day of the year in this town. Heart beating so hard I could hardly breathe. I was bit over excited. Until realise it was going to be harder because I had to run two stalls. Should I tell Alana? We had two hours to finishing setting up for the market. There were a bunch of stalls for people to use. The one I picked the was pretty fid away from Alana and her Grandma stall. The only problem was that we had no name. Can this get any worse? “What if we call it Fresh fruit and vegetables” Dad asked. We all agreed to do that one because we couldn’t think of any other ideas. This man with a blue cap next to us often to make us a sign. We said yes. “What’s your stall called” the man asked kindly. He looked suspicious to me. “Fresh fruit and vegetables” Dad said to the suspicious man. I couldn’t trust this man. “We should move” I said worried. “No this nice man is Making us a sign” Mum said happily. Dad places the sign on the middle of our stall. It was ugliest sign I have ever seen. It was a piace of cupboard that was written in pencil. It was so bad. We had no choice but to use it.

    “Let’s move and take the sign with us” Dad said. Thanks to dad we got to move away from that freak. We moved 200 stalls from his. I dumped the sign into bin and we made our way to are new stall. Lucky it was free.  There was one huge problem was that Alana stall was 5 stalls down from ours.  “Let’s change the name to Fruit and vegetable” Dad asked. “Good one dad” I said as I smiled. Mum is very good at drawing. “Mum can you design the sign” I said happily. “Sweetie can you help me set up our stall” dad said to me. “Sure Dad” I reply. Mum design was amazing so Dad placed the design on the front of our stall. “We need prices” Dad said to me and mum.  Mum came up with great prices so we just used it. “10 seconds” Elisabeth said in her rich French accent. We won’t even close to finishing.

    The bell rang. “LET THE MARKETS BEGIN” Elisabeth said on the loud speaker. Oh my I forgot I was working at Alana stall too. “Mum and dad can you handle the stall” I said. “Yes we can but why” Mum said happily. “I need to use the rest room” I said. “Of course you can” mum said.  I was actually going to Alana stall to work. “Hello Gigi, we have already sold 5 cookies.” Alana said happily. “We have already made $30” Alana grandma said happily. “We’re sold out and we are closing up” Alana said happily. “Me and Grandma are going to help out at my aunt stall” Alana said. Now I can just work at one stall.  I was walking around the market until I noticed I was supposed to be back to our stall. I knew mum and dad was going to furious with me. On my way back to my stall I could see a suspicious man at Alana stall. I started too panicked so I started running to Alana stall until stop and notice.  Alana and her Grandma won’t even there.  What if he hurts me but I need to go because Alana is my best friend. I will risk my life for my best friend. OH he probably is robbing them!

    I run as fast as I could to safe Alana. The man was staring at me. “Who is this Alana?’ the suspicious man said. “Let me introduce you to my father” Alana said powerfully. What I couldn’t believe what just heard. “Hi” I said. As I made my way by to the stall I couldn’t believe that the suspicious man was Alana dad! “Where were you” dad questioned. “I went to the restroom and I went to visit Alana stall” I said. “Okay that’s fine” Mum said.  We had tons of spare cardboard which I could use to make a sign.  It only took ten minutes to make. Okay this is what I wrote:  We sell the freshest fruit and vegetable and 100% Australia grown.

    “Cool sign, I love the picture” Dad said happily. At least ten people came. “One dollar per fruit one dollar per veggie” Dad said. “That’s the cheapest I’ve seen all day” the nice man said.  “How much would you like to buy” Dad asked the man kindly. “Three strawberries, three apples, three carrots, three pears” He said kindly. “That would be fifteen dollars” Dad said. He handed dad the fifteen dollars. “Here ten dollars for great service” the man said. “I can’t take that” Dad said. He left the ten dollars on the counter and left. We have already made twenty five dollars in only ten minutes. Five people came.  Five more vegetables were sold. We had only thirty dollars. We had to wait a bit until I notice a huge amount of people walking toward us.

    A lady bought 20 strawberries. Now we had fifty dollar. “Hello I would like to buy 20 apples 40 carrots and that’s all” she said. “That is sixty dollars” Mum said. She handed mum one thousand dollars. “We only need sixty, we don’t need thousand” Mum said. She putted of her raincoat. It was Elisabeth. “This is for Gigi for your kindness” she said with smile. “Thankyou Elisabeth” I said. She offers us a huge amount for all our fruits and vegetables. Of course we said yes. “Would you like to be my new journalist” Elisabeth asked dad. Dad used to work for the local newspaper in the city a long time ago. “Sure I would love to” Dad said happily. “Thankyou so much for the help Elisabeth” Mum cried in happiness. She gave me huge hug. “Goodbye” Elisabeth said. We said are goodbye. We finally had enough money pay our bills. Elisabeth paid all our bills for us. The electricity turn on, the TV started working, all the lights turn on, and the fridge started working again. The great news was mum was going shopping. All our hard work paid off at the end. Maybe life in the country isn’t better after all.

  6. 100 word challenge #13

    December 6, 2015 by ayla2012

    …it was too high…

    Today was the end of year school picnic at the swimming pools. Mum threw me out at the front of the local swimming with nothing but bathers and with a pair of pink thongs and a face of sunscreen. I placed my bag on the grass. I paced to the pool. Until the pool were full of kids. There was a large driving board so high. “I’ll pay you a ice cream if you go on the driving board” Aria said. I had no money so i had to take the deal. As i made my way up. …it was too high… Until this aggressive kids pushed me off.

  7. BTN: soft drinks

    November 30, 2015 by ayla2012

    3 recalls

    1. Some people are drinking way too much soft drinks which is 3 kg of sugar a year.
    2. Study have showed that 47% of Aussie kids are drinking soft drinks everyday.
    3. A fruit juice or ice tea can contain 6 teaspoons   of sugar. A  energy drink contains 21 teaspoons of sugar. Also in a 600 ml of a soft drink contains 16 teaspoons of sugar. A sport drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

    2 understandings

    1. I understand why soft drinks are bad for you because they contain 16 teaspoons which makes you gain more weight.
    2. I understand that 47% of Aussie kids are always have soft drinks everyday.

    1 question

    Why do they use in soft drinks other than sugar?


    1 question

  8. 100 word challenge #12

    November 29, 2015 by ayla2012

    I felt visible. Everybody in class today was talking about that our school used to be a zoo which is a myth which was made up by Mrs Rosa the prep teacher for April fools 5 years ago. my head really ached if i hear that myth a again! The myth was spread so quickly that Mrs Rosa had to tell the true at today asmety. As our class was making our to assmly.”Hello everybody , i heard that the myth i made up 5 years is totally not true , i made it up for April fools 5 years ago” Mrs Rosa explained. I KNEW IT!

  9. BTN: Canteen approved

    November 23, 2015 by ayla2012

    3 recalls

    1. On the packs they sell at the supermarkets they write canteen approved on the packaging to persuade parents to buy them for there children and also its not actually been canteen approved.
    2. They want to ban the labels that say canteen approved.
    3. The consumer group called choice are saying that some products are giving the parents the wrong idea.

    2 understandings

    1. I understand why they put canteen approved on the packaging to persuade parents to buy them for there children.
    2. I understand why they want to ban the labels because they are lieing to the parents.

    1 question

    1. Why do they put canteen approved on the package.

  10. 100 word challenge #11

    November 23, 2015 by ayla2012

    I look up and see a angry hungry bear wanting to eat me until i realized it was a silly statue of a bear but it looks pretty real to me. The bear exhibition was one of the worst experience of my life. I’ve been begging mum and dad if we can go for hours but the answer always NO. Its all Sofia fault if her dumb friend Brianna until tell her about place I wouldn’t have to wast my weekend and hours of my life at this place. Is it even necessary to come here. The weather inside was rough.

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